Update your info!

Please help Emmanuel keep your information up-to-date!

We are very excited that Servant Keeper, the company we use to house our church family members’ information, now allows you to update your own page!

(If you have not received an email from no-reply@servantpc.com giving you access to your information, please contact Becky at office@EUMCLaurel.org, and she will send you the link.)

 Please create your secure account with your own password, then…

  • bookmark the page so you will have easy access
  • check to see if your basic contact information is correct
  • upload photos of your family and the individuals in your family
  • check some boxes to let us know some more things about you and your family, and the gifts you have to offer! (This information has been updated, so please log in and check out the categories! Your old information may not have been saved!)

You’ll also be able to see your pledge to EUMC, and how much you have donated. (Please remember that the donation information is updated only a few times each quarter, so recent donations may not be visible right away!)

We will have an on-line church photo directory that you can access with a password you can get from Becky. People will only be able to see the information that you allow! And only our church family will be able to access the directory, just as it is with the directory that the office creates, but now the information will always be up-to-date and at your fingertips!
Questions? Contact Becky at office@EUMCLaurel.org.