Styrofoam Recycling

Winter 2021 – 2022
Sunday, Dec. 26 – Sunday, Jan. 16

Do not drop off prior to Sunday, Dec. 26 as we cannot store Styrofoam

Watch for dates in our weekly E-news

Volunteers are needed to take Styrofoam to Crofton for recycling.

Please contact Liz at

Emmanuel UMC Ministry Center carport
(house at end of large parking lot)

10751 Scaggsville Rd, Laurel MD 20723


  • Please check events calendar to avoid carport during outdoor events
  • Please wear a mask
  • We are accepting ONLY hard Styrofoam and food-ware (code 6)
  • We are NOT accepting packing material items (peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows). Please take these items to Post Office or UPS Store.
  • Remove all labels & tape. Styrofoam food-ware must be clean and dry.
  • When blue recycle bin is full, un-tape & remove bag; tie it up & place in storage area. Tape the new bag to blue bin. Bags and tape (if needed) are located in box between the two blue bins.  
  • All Styrofoam must be left secured! No loose Styrofoam 
  • Text (301)661-7087 when large storage area is full.

Please follow these procedures
so we can continue to recycle Styrofoam.

Please email Liz at with any questions or if you can volunteer to drive to Crofton, MD.  Complete details will be provided.

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Styrofoam and packing material is collected quarterly in January, April, July and October at the Emmanuel UMC Ministry Center (house with carport at end of parking lot) (10751 Scaggsville Rd, Laurel, MD)

Please do not drop off Styrofoam at the church if not during the collection period as there is no place to store it. You can take Styrofoam to EPS Recycling in Crofton, MD (designated bins behind the SECU building) and packing material to The UPS Store or the Post Office when we are not collecting.
Polystyrene Foam #6, commonly called Styrofoam, in block or food container form, is collected at EPS Recycling and sent to a Dart Container facility in Pennsylvania. Once there, the blocks are shredded, melted, and densified into solid 5-10 lbs. blocks. The blocks are then sold to manufacturers to be made into picture frames, pencils, rulers and molding for house construction.

During collection, please place items in designated bins under the carport of the ministry center.

We accept:

recycle styrofoam
  • Hard Styrofoam with recycle code 6 – Please remove all labels and tape
  • CLEAN Styrofoam food containers like egg cartons, cups, take-out containers, meat & veggie trays – please rinse thoroughly and dry. Please be considerate of the green team members and thoroughly clean the food containers – food staining is OK but please remove all food particles. Styrofoam must be kept separate from packing material.
  • Not accepting at this time of Covid (2021): Packing material such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows and soft foam. Must be kept separate from Styrofoam as this is taken to The UPS store for reuse.

Please follow the directions on the Styrofoam recycling bins. Thanks for recycling!



Holiday Light Recycling: Recycle old, broken holiday lights at the EUMC Ministry Center carport in the designated bin for holiday lights through Jan 16th or drop them off at My Organic Markets (MOM’s) through January 31st.

Christmas Trees and Wreaths:  
During the holiday season, visit Howard County’s Merry Mulch webpage for complete information about recycling artificial and live Christmas trees, wreaths and garland.
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Questions: contact Liz at