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Global Ministries Earthkeeper Project by Liz Feighner and Mary Jo Fisher 

Our Project Presentation – Oct 6, 2019

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Because of the interconnected climate crisis and plastic pollution crisis, we are organizing a six-month campaign to reduce single-use plastics that will culminate with #PlasticFreeLent.

Plastic and its toxic additives pose serious risks to human health at every stage of the plastic lifecycle. Harmful climate-warming emissions and toxic chemicals are constantly released during plastic’s entire lifecycle, from the extraction of fracked gas, to its production at petrochemical hubs, to the disposal of plastic waste and resulting pollution of our rivers and oceans. These emissions damage our health and environment — and threaten our future.

Today, the world is drowning in plastic waste.  Plastic bits are in the rain, our soil, our rivers and oceans, our food chain and in us. It is estimated that by 2050 the ocean will have more plastic by weight than fish.

During our campaign, we will have guest speakers, hold workshops, provide tips, offer alternatives and encouragement in an effort to help reduce our plastic use. We will hold mini-challenges encouraging people to demand corporate responsibility and government policy to provide alternatives to plastic. 

We hope you will participate in our #breakfreefromplastic campaign – a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution.

Kick-off Challenge

Many thanks to those who participated in our kick-off challenge for the #breakfreefromplastic campaign by collecting and bringing in a week’s worth of plastic waste. In all, 14 families (28 people) brought in 24.5 lbs. of plastic, filling 3.5 60-gallon trash bags.

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 Please email us with questions, suggestions or requests for information to help make this campaign a success.

The Howard County Council passed legislation (CB-64) in a 4-1 vote Monday, December 2nd requiring a 5 cent fee on disposable plastic bags. Read more here. Thank you to those that asked your Howard County Council member to support CB64.