Mister Rogers: Tools for an Open Heart

Sundays, September 1st – September 29th

The children’s television host Mr. Rogers always carried in his wallet a quote from a social worker that said,Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.

Blessing of the Animals

Sunday, October 13th @ 10:45am Service

Our annual Blessing of the Animals Service will be on Sunday, October 13th at 10:45 AM in the Sanctuary at Emmanuel. – All creatures are welcome on a leash or in a carrier. Stuffed animals and photographs will also be blessed. Due to allergy concerns, no animals are allowed on the first floor of the building! Bring in old linens and towels to donate to the Ho Co Animal Shelter!

Grateful: This Is Us

Sundays, October 20th – November 17th

The world is a very challenging place right now. There is so much to lament and to be scared and frustrated and angry about. But the world is also still a place of wonder and beauty, and at the core of our faith is the practice of gratitude.  Practicing gratitude is about noticing the enormous number of gifts we enjoy each day and giving thanks for them.  One of the gifts we have is the beloved inter-generational community of Emmanuel. We will spend time looking deeply at some of the beloved people of Emmanuel and the ways they live out their call to follow Jesus through Emmanuel’s ministries.  Each one has an incredible story that we will recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate.