Lenten Sermon Series: Theological Lies I Have Loved

Sundays, March 1st – March 29th

During Lent we will explore some of the theological lies we have loved.  While these words and the theology supporting them often are meant to comfort, often times they do more harm than good.   Each week we will explore a popular Christian saying that has become part of our vocabulary.  We’ll look at the theology and scriptural basis for these sayings and talk about the good and not-so-good aspects of each.

Easter Sermon Series: Bless Our Mess(y) Resurrections

Sundays, April 12 – May 24

Life is both all right and just a mess.  Acknowledging that something is a mess, and it is all right, can help us stay engaged when we feel overwhelmed and want to check out.  “It is just a mess” is not meant to dismiss the complexity and horrors that are happening in our wounded world, or to excuse us from acting to resist suffering and work to change evil systems.  During the 50 days of Easter, we will explore practices that can help us all keep our hearts soft and open: to avoid assigning blame, to see the mess for what it is – a temporary setback.  God is not afraid of messes.  Not all is lost. There is always time for a deep breath before beginning again with God. Resurrections happen.