Advent Sermon Series: A Crack Where the Light Gets In

Sundays, December 1st – December 22nd

Prophets are those who tell the truth, which is not always easy to hear.  A prophet’s message is often, “Under the surface, everything is not as it appears. Things are not as they should be.” The entire Christian life in this world is lived in Advent, in the midst of the tension between things the way they are and things the way they ought to be. Advent calls us to that tension, to forget our perfect offering, to acknowledge there is a crack in everything, but also to believe with all our might that the resurrection light of Jesus can shine through our feeblest attempts to bring healing and wholeness, peace and love, to this broken world.

January Sermon Series: Good News From Sesame Street

Sundays, Beginning January 19th

Sesame Street is celebrating fifty years of programming. I’ll bet just seeing those words in type means a theme song is now running through your head. Sesame Street was and is a show with a mission – a mission to transform the way children envision the world. Yes, Big Bird and Bert and Ernie and Grover and Oscar the Grouch and their human co-stars would teach you about letters and numbers and safety tips. But more than that, they would show you, by the characters they featured and the plot lines they put forward, a new way of seeing things on issues ranging from racial equality to how to love and respect your neighbors who practice different faiths. Now more than ever we all want to know how to get to Sesame Street.