Emmanuel Prayer Ministry

A weekly prayer for the Baltimore-Washington Conference from the Appointive Cabinet.

God of our Lenten Journey:
As we who are your followers continue this 40-day journey of fasting, praying, and soul searching, speak to us, prepare us, mold us.
Speak to our hearts –
    Some hearts come singing the old hymn, “Give me a clean heart, so I may serve thee;”
    Some hearts come with timidity, unsure that they can ever trust again after the betrayal and harm that has taken place, both personally and communally;
    Some hearts come heavy with grief and the sting of recent loss;
    Some hearts come bent on pursuing personal agendas.
Speak to our collective hearts and draw us closer to one another.
Speak to our individual hearts and draw us closer to you.
Prepare our minds –
    Minds that are open to being led by your spirit, even in new and
         risk-taking ways;
    Minds filled with curiosity about the fresh winds you will blow into our
    Minds that are perplexed or troubled by the shifting sands of challenging times;
    Minds that are yet closed to the possibilities you desire to breathe into
Prepare our collective minds to be drawn closer to one another.
Prepare our individual minds to be drawn closer to you.
Mold us –
     Mold us into the transformative, life-giving force you have called us to be as we prophesy of your great and wondrous works;
     Mold us into the loving and caring community we are becoming, but
         have not yet fully become;
     Mold us and make us into reconcilers and repairers of the breach who welcome even the stranger in your name;
     Mold us ever more into the image and likeness of your Son, our Savior,
        Jesus the Christ.
Mold us collectively and draw us closer to one another.
Mold us individually and draw us closer to you.
As we gather in these 40 days to worship, pray, discern, and praise, may you be glorified and your will be done. Amen.

Bishop Easterling Leads Lenten Devotion Wednesday

Bishop LaTrelle Easterling will lead a 15-minute devotional this Wednesday as part of a Lenten Devotional Series by the Council of Bishops on Dismantling Racism. Bishop Easterling’s devotion will focus on the theme, “I Surrender All,” and will include an online video meditation, music, prayer, and questions for reflection.

“We are offering this Lenten Devotion Series on Dismantling Racism in the hope that the church can engage in honest reflection about the realities of racism, colonialism and tribalism. All of these sins persist in the church, our local communities and the world. Lent is the time to humbly acknowledge the reality of racism, colonialism and tribalism, to pray, to learn and ultimately work to reshape our world as it is in heaven,” said Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, who chairs the Council of Bishop’s Task Force to End Racism.

See the Bishop’s devotion when it comes out on Wednesday, and a schedule of future presenters.