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Emmanuel UMC has been in partnership with Little Flowers Early Childhood & Development Center since 2015. The director of Little Flowers, Crystal Hardy Flowers, spoke to  Emmanuel and invited us into a relationship with the children there. This partnership means that we walk with them on their journey to provide rich soil for up to 180 “little flowers” in Sandtown to grow. Our relationship has grown slowly and fruitfully into a full-church effort, with over 78 folks who have participated in providing books, balls, art supplies, making quilts and participating in Little Flowers’  field trips.

The director of Little Flowers, Crystal Hardy Flowers, spoke to Emmanuel in May 2015 and invited us into a relationship with the children there. So far, 48 folks from Emmanuel,  10 to 89 years of age,  have spent time at Little Flowers  with the infants, the preschool-age children, the After School Program, the Summer Enrichment program, or Saturday tutoring. It has blossomed into a full church outreach partnership. We are forming relationships with our neighbors in one of the most economically stressed, most segregated areas of Baltimore; Emmanuel is building bridges across some deep divides in our society.

Little Flowers EDC has capacity for 10 infants, 120 children ages 2-4, and an after school program for 80 children, ages 5 to 14, in two facilities. They have up to 40 staff members, including teenagers hired from the city youth summer program. Quite an impact on the Sandtown community! They have a summer program for up to 80 children 5-14 to keep them engaged in learning, mentoring, and field trips.

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Volunteer for a Weekday Visit to Little Flowers
Visits are scheduled twice a month from 9:00 am to 12 pm. We leave from Emmanuel at 9:15am, and return around Noon. Emmanuel folks (3-4) carpool up to Baltimore, a 35 minute drive, and park in a secure lot. We relate to the children through story-telling, reading, singing & music, and activities.

For more information on the Little Flowers visits and tutoring, contact Sue Hill at or sign up below:

Resurrection Sandtown

In September 2016, Little Flowers partnered with Ames Memorial UMC, around the corner from Little Flowers, as these two anchor institutions in Sandtown began to coordinate their missions. Ames UMC uses Little Flowers classrooms for its “Career/College Prep Program” every Tuesday evening; this is hosted by Glen Mar UMC, Ellicott City. Together, Ames UMC & Little Flowers serve as community institutions to offer resources that strengthen families, uplift residents, and provide hope for all people of Sandtown.