Speak a Word – Lenten Study

Please join the Prayer Ministry for a Lenten Study, led by Judy Davies and Christi Hanks, on Wednesdays starting March 9th at 7:00 – 8:00 PM. We will be following the Speak A Word study by the Baltimore Washington Conference.

Bishop Easterling invites us to lean deeper into discipleship and the comforting, life-saving, hope-bringing, counter-cultural, transforming power of God. God’s Word still speaks to us individually and corporately. When we immerse ourselves in it with intentionality, it can spark creativity and inspire us to speak as well. This study consists of Scripture, prayer-poems and reflections where we speak words of Life into one another as we reflect. These prayer-poems came as a gift over the years from the Spirit to Bishop Easterling. She shares some of them with us in the hope that they bring opportunities for conversation, creativity and growth. 

Join us:

  • March 9: Week 1: Seek Truth
  • March 16: Week 2: Trust in Provision
  • March 23: Week 3: Anticipate Healing
  • March 30: Week 4: Have Hope
  • April 6: Week 5: Love Abundantly
  • April 11: Week 6: Humbly Serve (one-time Monday meeting)
  • April 13: Triduum: Journey to the Cross and Beyond

Get the zoom information by clicking HERE!

For the Study Guide PDF, click HERE!