Holy Week: Palm Sunday Through Easter Sunday

In this season of Lent we have been leaning into hope, and the embodiment of life in God revealed through Jesus the Christ.

All of this is to prepare us to fully invest ourselves in living out the lessons of Holy Week (Jesus’ last week from being welcomed into Jerusalem as a king, to sharing in his last Passover meal with his friends on Maundy Thursday, to his death on a cross on what we call Good Friday) in preparation for remembering the hope God has given us through his resurrection.

Please join us during Holy Week (April 5th – April 12th) and steep yourself into the richness of the passion of Christ from his humble entry into Jerusalem, the week of breaking bread with his disciples, to his being crucified out of fear by the Roman leadership.

Home Worship – Easter Sunday @ 7am

Since we cannot gather as a group outside, you and your household are encouraged to find a quiet place in your backyard or other outdoor location to pray and read Luke’s version of the Easter account in Luke 24.

Online Worship – Easter Sunday @ 9am

Easter Sunday is typically a time when churches like ours pull out all the stops (literally, organ stops!), with handbell and choir pieces and brass bands. During this pandemic, we’re simplifying – thereby drawing a little closer to the original Easter, where just a few people experienced something extraordinary. Don’t lower your expectations!  Just prepare to experience Easter a little more “up close and personal.”  Jesus is leaving the Tomb and entering your living room! Wear your Easter finery to our service and don’t forget to have your communion elements ready before the service begins at 9am!

You can watch this service live on our streaming page.

Online Worship – Holy Saturday @ 7pm

Holy Saturday Service: Come join the Easter Vigil with Rev. Leo Yates and Rev. Giovanni Arroyo. Historically, this special service not only shares the vigil history, but prepares us for the Resurrection come Easter morning. This abbreviated service welcomes all to join at 7pm, as sunset was when this service typically began.

* This service will be presented in English and in sign language.

Click here to view/download the bulletin.

You can watch the service here:

Online Worship – Good Friday @ 7pm

A brief worship experience with music and a meditation on the benefits of darkness that is vital to Good Friday.

You can watch the service here:

Online Worship – Maundy Thursday @ Noon & 7pm

A brief worship experience including a devotional message and communion. Celebrate communion and talk about the Last Supper as you eat lunch or dinner. Don’t forgot to have your communion elements ready and on your lunch or dinner table.

You can view the Maundy Thursday bulletin here.

You can watch the service here:

Online Worship – Palm Sunday @ 9am

Why not spread some homemade paper palms around or lay jackets on the floor as a nod to the palms and cloaks laid before Jesus as he rode down the Mt. of Olives on Palm Sunday?  And don’t forget to have your Communion elements ready before the service begins at 9am!

You can view the Palm Sunday bulletin here.

You can watch the service here: