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Emmanuel Serves at Elizabeth House

June 6 @ 4:15 pm - 8:00 pm


Emmanuel serves as the host for Elizabeth House in Laurel on the first Saturday of each month.

This was sent to Patricia about how Elizabeth House is responding to social distancing and the coronavirus outbreak:


“Dear Kitchen Team Leaders:

As previously announced, Elizabeth House has shifted our dinner operation to carry-out dinner service only. We have done so to prevent additional spread of the Coronavirus by limiting human interaction among our volunteers and with clients. Clients are entering the house one at a time to pick up their meal, dessert, bag lunch and any toiletries and/or additional snacks we may have available. They are also allowed to use the restroom and get a hot cup of coffee or tea.

A couple of general notes:

  • The City of Laurel has provided a portable hand washing station at the opening of the gate in the front yard for clients.
  • We ask that preparation and serving teams limit their groups to no more than 3 volunteers.
  • If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick, we ask that you do not volunteer
  • Wash your hands often and wear gloves on your shift
Opening Team
  • Instructions have not changed much.
  • All surfaces in the dining room should be wiped down with the cleaning/sanitizing solution before making lunches or putting anything on the tables. That includes tables, countertop, coffee pot handles, sugar/creamer containers, light switches and doorknobs.
  • Tables do not need to be set and chairs should stay folded up against the wall or moved into the back dining room.
  • When plating desserts, they should be covered individually with plastic wrap and placed on the table in the dining room closest to the window.
Closing Team
  • There are 3 key roles – the person plating the food, the 2nd person at the door spraying hands, and the 3rd person who keeps track of the numbers, refills supplies and wipes down surfaces in the dining room
  • Takeout containers have been provided for the meal
  • Do not make numerous meals ahead as they will get cold fast – instead make them one at a time as you need them
  • To limit activity in the house, we are discouraging seconds so fix a substantial plate
  • Before opening the door – One meal with utensils in a plastic bag should be placed on the table next to the desserts.
  • Allow only one client to enter at a time. Upon entry, spray their hands with the hand sanitizer provided and step back to limit face to face contact.
  • Use verbal commands and gestures to give instructions to the client about what to do – tell them where to pick up their meal, offer dessert and a lunch. If there are any extra snacks or toiletries you can offer those as well.
  • Once they leave, another meal should be placed in the dining room for the next client.
  • If anyone uses the restroom, the bathroom must be wiped down using the antibacterial wipes under the sink. All surfaces are to be wiped down.
  • If anyone pours coffee or hot water for tea, the creamer and handles need to be wiped down in between clients
  • At the end of the night, the normal cleaning routine should be done. All surfaces in the bathroom, dining room and kitchen (including handles, door knobs and light switches) are to be wiped down using the sanitizing solution.
We will continue to evaluate and change our procedures as needed. In the meantime, THANK YOU for everything you do to help the hungry in our community. Stay well.”

Patricia adds that…
Serving teams should be limited to 3 people.  They also indicate that to keep yourself, other volunteers, and the clients safe, do not sign up if you are sick, have been exposed to someone else who is sick in past 2 weeks or have traveled within the past 14 days. Do not sign up if you are in a high-risk category, or if you feel the least bit uncomfortable about doing so. If Emmanuel cannot provide volunteers, Fish of Laurel will have people who are available to step in.

Patricia will update us further as needed.

Our upcoming dates to serve at Elizabeth House are:
May 2, June 6, July 4, August 1, September 5

If you have questions, contact Patricia at Pldelkmercer@yahoo.com.

To sign up, click HERE!

Location: Elizabeth House –  308 Gorman Ave. Laurel, MD 20725

Emmanuel serves as the host for Elizabeth House in Laurel on the first Saturday of each month.

We are so happy and thankful to have Patricia Delk-Mercer and Ray Mercer as EUMC’s coordinators for Elizabeth House! As in the past, volunteers are needed from 4:15pm – 6:00pm to prepare the dinner meal, make lunches, and perform various set-up duties; as well as from 5:45pm – 8:00pm to serve the guests and clean up the house. Volunteers are also welcome to serve at both shifts from 4:15pm -8:00pm.  Generally, we need 4 volunteers for each shift.

If you have questions, contact BPatricia at Pldelkmercer@yahoo.com.

To sign up, click HERE!

Location: Elizabeth House –  308 Gorman Ave. Laurel, MD 20725


June 6
4:15 pm - 8:00 pm
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