The Wise Ones Begin Their Journey by Rev. Stephanie

I heard some noises coming from the bathroom in the church office and went in to find the Wise Ones out of their box. One of them was talking to the Snowman.

Me: What are you doing?

#1: We appreciate this nice box with bubble wrap you gave us to rest in but we are feeling restless.

Me: Is it that time?

#2: Yes, we are feeling the urge to travel. I was seeing if this Snowman wanted to join us on our journey but he said he cannot travel to hot climates.

Me: Are you traveling anywhere in particular?

#3: Bethlehem of course. Have you forgotten the story?

Me: No, but I’m not sure why you have to go every year.

#2: It’s the cycle of the church calendar. We are beginning to tell the story yet again. The darkness is growing longer but the light is coming. And we, as very wise ones, are the witnesses to that light and we must find this King and bring gifts.

The Wise Ones left their bathroom closet home to prepare for their journey. The next day I discovered them in the narthex with a camel.

Me: Well, I must say you did a great job of packing all your gifts upon your camel!

#1;  Was that an insult about our immovable arms?

Me:  Heavens no!  I was just curious about how you did that?

#3:  Never you mind….

Me:  Any wise words before you leave?

#1:  Indeed.  Do not rest on what you believe to be true. 

#2:  Keep searching for the divine in all you do and in all you meet and you will have cause to rejoice.

Me: I’m going to miss you. I’m struggling with the darkness. At times I feel as though it is taking over.

#1: The light is almost here dear friend. Light your Advent candles and focus on those flames. The one you are waiting for will be here before you know it, bringing with him more light than you can possibly imagine.

Me: Good thing. The world needs a lot of light this year. Are you coming back?

#3: Of course. We have become quite attached to our lodgings in the bathroom box with soft bubble wrap. We leave you with these words of wisdom.

Go- not knowing where.
Bring- not knowing what.
The path is long,
the way unknown.”
-Russian Fable

Me: Traveling mercies wise ones.

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