Have a Little Faith

Construction 20160805I want to think I’ve totally rationalized this expansion. I arrived Wednesday at church thinking this is the day they’ll do this or that, only to be surprised.

I know how to cook a brisket, rewire an electrical outlet, even build a shed. But I don’t know how the contractors are going to build our new addition. Sure, I can look at the plan…all sixty pages of them. But there are things going on that aren’t in the plans. How are all of the dots going to connect?

This past Wednesday, an excavator was delivered. My first thought was a huge hole would soon appear. But the crew began sawing a line straight through the asphalt.Then the excavator carefully skimmed off the old asphalt and deposited it in a dump truck. When I came back from lunch, the old concrete sidewalk in front of the preschool was in a pile.

For a moment, I felt out of control. What my mind expected as the next step was displaced. My logic or logistics did not apply here.

Ken, the foreman who wears the bandana on his head, always knows what’s going on at any moment. He directs and supervises the on-site crews through their appointed daily duties. Before leaving, he has to make sure things are swept up, cleaned up, locked up.

I entered the Fellowship Hall doors. The walls to the left of the foyer are gone, leaving just the old “little” staircase, fraught with debris. I was nervous that there was no rail to keep me from misadventure. I envisioned little kids precariously peering over the edge; well, more like my rambunctious son flying through the air into the emergency room.

Back at the ministry center, I checked my concern at Rev. Stephanie’s door. In my best sarcastic tone, I asked “they are going to put a railing up by the little stairway, right?”

She paused and looked over her laptop. “They promised that they would have everything ready for Sunday, I just have to have faith that they’re going to do the right thing.”

There’s that word faith again. I thought about recent moments when faith crossed my mind. Faith in our President. Faith in our military. Faith that everyone stays in their lane on route 32. I then thought of my spiritual faith, and a little life crisis I was churning over in my head. Maybe I needed a little “applied faith” right now. I looked to the sky and thought “I’m handing this over to you.” It was the last time I thought about it that day.

As I walked towards my car to leave, I saw Ken putting plywood up where there was once a preschool door. He turned around, smiled and gave me a “thumbs up”.

When I returned Friday, a substantial railing along with paneling was installed at the little stairway. No feet, big or little, were going to get past this baby.

Faith restored.

-Brian Nelson