Stewardship 2015 Frequently Asked Questions

at-E-everyone-belongs-cardWhat is a Pledge?

A Pledge is a spiritual commitment to giving of our time, talent and treasure, and it is based on our belief that we give because we receive. Pledging gives us a chance to assess our priorities in a planned and thoughtful way, and allows us to align our giving with our values. A Pledge is a voluntary statement of your annual financial commitment upon which our church bases its expenditures, makes its plans and builds programs around our three fundamental priorities: (1) a UM community where everyone belongs, we are the progressive UM church option in our neighborhood, (2) dedication to sacrificial generosity and acts of service, (3) deepening the practices of being a disciple of Jesus while growing beloved community.

How Much Should I Pledge?

The first step is to ask God in prayer: How much am I being called to give? How am I being asked to respond to spirit’s call in my life? Giving is a spiritual practice. Many pledgers begin with an estimated percentage of their incomes, which seems significant and responsible for the year, and later embark upon the spiritual discipline of gradually increasing that percentage over time transforming themselves into disciples who tithe: The biblical answer to the question: How much should I give is the tithe or 10% of our yearly household income.

Why should I fill out a pledge card? I will just give when I am in worship or when I can?

All giving matters. You can give when you are in worship or when you can but making giving a priority in your life by giving regularly and on a planned basis is a significant step in the journey of being a Christian. Make giving to God the first thing you do. We all have the capacity to give, even if it is only a little.   Christians who fill out a pledge card, on average, give twice as much to their church as those who give and do not fill out a pledge card.

Some Information about Pledges to Emmanuel.

The average annual pledge amount to Emmanuel in 2015 is $3,201 with 107 pledges received.

We had a great crowd and excellent response during our 2015 Consecration Sunday on November 15 for our 2016 pledges.

As of November 19, 2015, we have received 68 pledges for a total amount of $253,556. The average yearly pledge is $3728.76 and the average weekly pledge is $71.71.

Imagine the ministries we could plan for in 2016 if everyone pledged something!

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