Our Ministries

Members of our congregation are critical to preparing the facility each week for worship. To volunteer, select which position you would like to help with and contact the appropriate person or the church office at office@eumclaurel.org or 301-725-5200.


Acolytes light and put out the altar candles at the beginning and end of our worship services. At Emmanuel, children and youth who are in 3rd grade and older are welcome to become acolytes.

Contact: Lori Magoon at acolyte_leader@eumclaurel.org.

Altar Team

Creating beautiful spaces for worship is the task of the Altar Team. Team members take turns using their creativity to design altar displays that help the congregation connect to the weekly worship theme. We have closets full of liturgical art supplies for you to use to create a beautiful space for worship.

Contact: Stashia Goray theresa.goray@jhuapl.edu.


Our greeters are our ambassadors, and their most important function is to offer open hearts and warm smiles to all who enter our doors. Greeters are provided with training materials on how to be effective.

Contact: Rev. Kim Capps revkim@eumclaurel.org.

God Dancers

The God Dancers are our liturgical dance troupe for younger children who want to praise God through dance. The troupe practices once a week during the school year and dances in our worship services at least 4 times a year.

Contact: Donna Meoli eumcyouth@comcast.net.


Liturgists are leaders of our worship services. They read the Bible lessons, opening prayers, and serve the chalice (cup) during communion. Serving as a liturgist can lead to a deeper understanding of the liturgy (what we do in worship) and the worship traditions of Emmanuel. Training is available.

Contact: Karen Irons at liturgist@eumclaurel.org.


Ushers are key to making Emmanuel a friendly and reverent place to worship God. They prepare the church for services, greet and help worshipers find seats, collect the offering and clean up the sanctuary after services.

Contact: Butch Herron at 301-953-1794 and/or Kris Thompson at 301-604-6406.

Offering Counters

Each Sunday immediately following the 9am worship service a team of trained volunteers count our offering. If you are willing to serve Emmanuel this way contact Kathy Williams at williamsbrinkman@gmail.com.


Sunday at 10am in Fellowship Hall

Getting to know each other is time well spent. The people of Emmanuel are its greatest resource and our connectedness is key to the strength of our vibrant community. Each weekend between our services, we offer food and coffee to encourage our congregation to join together in conversation. If you would like to help us with Together@Ten contact the church office at TogAtTen@eumclaurel.org or 301-725-5200.