Upcycle: Stories of Restoration, Redemption and Repurposing

Human beings aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, we mess up, and we hurt ourselves and others. We sometimes end up feeling unlovable, broken and worthless – like a rusted out car sitting on cinder blocks. But just like that broken- down car, all we need is for someone to see our potential and give us a second chance. The message of the gospel is that no matter where we are or what we’ve done, God sees beyond our imperfections, loves us, forgives us and offers us a new life.

April 16: Finding Our Way Back to “Yes!”
April 23:
Let Go of the Culture of Fear
April 30: Earth Day Service – Jim Irons Preaching
May 7:    Practicing Compassion in a Culture of Blame
May 14:  Let Go of Scarcity and Practice Gratitude
May 21:  Let Go of Being Hooked
May 28:  Let Go of Anxiety As a Lifestyle