Howard County Freed Moms presents:

Kathy Baldock “Unclobbering the Tangled Mess” – A journey through LGBTQ history from ancient times to present day and how society, shaped by cis, straight men and religious culture, got it all wrong.

Kathy Baldock, international researcher & speaker, author, LGBTQ advocate, and Executive Director of CanyonWalker Connections, is a leading expert on LGBTQ issues, especially dealing with historical and current discrimination faced from the socially conservative Christian church and political sector.

Amongst other things, Kathy will show you the cultural climate around 1946, the year that the word “homosexual” was added to the English translation of the Bible for the first time, and how this unfortunate error has evolved into the tenuous relationship between the LGBTQ community and the conservative Christian church today.

Kathy’s  seminars are hugely popular, typically standing room only.   Her research is so significant and powerful that attendees return again and again to hear her speak.  Don’t miss your chance to hear Kathy….we don’t know when she might return again to Baltimore! 

So come hear Kathy Baldock, international researcher & author of “Walking the Bridgeless Canyon”, explain the cultural evolution of homosexuality from a Christian perspective on Saturday, June 15th from 9am to 4pm in the fellowship hall at Emmanuel. Registration using the link below is $20 and it includes lunch. We hope to see you there! Registration