At Emmanuel UMC, we have a fierce conviction that everyone is gifted by God and so everyone can be a giver.

Your giving changes people’s lives. It helps Emmanuel UMC reach out in bold, inclusive, and relevant ways. This is why we exist: to create a Jesus-loving, inclusive community that shares the Good News and collaborates with God to transform the world.

Your giving also changes you. It slowly ignites a new way of life in which you realize that everything you have is from God, that you have been gifted and are therefore called to pass on the gift to someone else: to use your resources wisely and generously.


At Emmanuel, we have a fierce conviction that what we do with our time and our money is a clear reflection of what we value, and has a profound impact on who we become. At Emmanuel, we have a fierce conviction that everyone is gifted by God and so everyone can be a giver. The story of God’s work at Emmanuel, and every aspect of our mission, is supported by every one of us, through our gifts of time, talent, money, prayer, witness, and creativity. And it is your generosity, beloved people of Emmanuel, who underpin everything we do.



Let’s begin a transformation with how we view giving. Imagine instead of asking, “What if I …don’t have enough, give enough?” we start asking, “What if we … share our abundance? Care for neighbors’ needs?” That is when our giving will transform into an experience of joy. The joy of knowing that our own generosity is woven with the generosity of everyone else in our community. Knowing that our ordinary contributions turn into something extraordinary and beautiful…our church!



Worship & Music: $135,000
Worship is the heart of everything we do at Emmanuel. Your giving provides what is needed to us to be a place of sanctuary for all people. Emmanuel is proud to be a Reconciling UMC. When you give, you are part of:

  • Inspiring preaching and worship that is thoughtfully prepared and delivered
  • Inspiring choir and praise band music for worship
  • Handbell choir and special musical performances
  • Holy Communions and baptism ceremonies
  • Beautifully decorated alter, sanctuary and common areas
  • A purposeful Sunday school music program,
  • Video, audio and computer graphics that enhance our worship experience
  • Services and sermons you can watch live or later on our website
  • Birthday Party for Jesus
  • Blues Ash Wednesday
  • Interfaith Thanksgiving Service
  • Walk to Jerusalem

What’s New:

  • Interactive Worship Experience: Birthday Party for Jesus, Walk to Jerusalem
  • Family retreats to strengthen our commitments to ourselves and God

Social Justice Ministries: $118,000

During his ministry, Jesus healed the sick, fed the hungry, welcomed children, forgave sinners and sought out society’s outcasts. Likewise, we engage in a variety of social justice ministries. We seek to continue his work for human wholeness by addressing the immediate needs of our local and global communities and seeking long-term sustainable solutions. We believe that we are called to help repair the world by:

  • Hosting the Laurel Winter Shelter
  • Serving meals at Elizabeth House
  • Twice a month deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables to the Laurel Advocacy and Referral Service food bank
  • Christmas Presents and grocery stores gift cards for LARS families
  • Sponsor the LARS “Turkey Trot” marathon
  • Advent and Lent season donations to the work of LARS
  • Annual food drives in partnership with three community public schools for LARS food bank
  • Sending volunteer teams regularly to Little Flowers preschool, located in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore
  • Financial support for programs at Little Flowers Preschool
  • An annual offering for our UM missionaries in Nicaragua who use the funds for scholarships for impoverished students to attend college in Nicaragua
  • Flood buckets and financial support to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) who work in more than 80 countries in the world
  • Vacation Bible School mission projects
  • Souper Bowl Sunday collection
  • Sending youth and adult mission teams locally and globally
  • Green Team community recycling, including Styrofoam, four times a year
  • Bikes for the World Annual Collection
  • Capture the Wind Campaign promoting renewable energy use. Emmanuel UMC is proud to be 100% Wind Powered and employ energy-saving products
  • Equal Exchange fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate sales throughout the year
  • Eliminate paper and plastic to support a green initiative
  • Robust, internal recycling program to reduce waste to reduce footprint

What’s New? In 2018 we look forward to hosting families who need temporary housing as they transition out of homelessness in the soon to be renovated apartment in the basement of the VB Ministry Center. We have partnered with the Laurel Advocacy and Referral Service to screen and provide social services to the families and Emmanuel will provide the home.

Serving our Community through our Campus: $169,000
Emmanuel is busy with activity. Through our campus, buildings and facilities, we are able to offer:

  • Home to our own Emmanuel Preschool that provides a top-quality preschool education for 160 families
  • Home to Heaven’s Door, a church that serves the Korean community
  • Meeting space for support groups for those living with cancer and addictions
  • Pastoral counseling services
  • Boy and Girl Scout troop sponsorship
  • Yoga and exercise classes; music and art lessons
  • Community meetings
  • Weddings, funerals, memorials, cemetery and columbarium
  • A nature trail through our woods
  • A labyrinth for contemplationWe believe our buildings should be a community center for the people of our neighborhood. We keep our facilities clean safe for everyone. In 2018, we are enjoying our new, expanded space.

What’s New:
We have an annual mortgage payment of $92,244

  • New, fenced playground area
  • New heat pumps providing comfort to sanctuary
  • Extensive waterproofing system installed
  • Updated, ecologically-sound landscaping
  • Extended parking area
  • ADA-compliant elevator
  • New, multifunctional youth room
  • Increased storage areas
  • Ecologically designed stormwater erosion control
  • Two Ecologically designed rain (bio-retention) gardens
  • Ecologically designed stormwater erosion system
  • Planting of 60 trees to replace ones removed for construction
  • Two new multifunctional classrooms
  • Gender identity-neutral, family bathroom facility
  • New Preschool library
  • Two new offices for PreschoolGrowing Disciples to Repair the World: $90,000

We become disciples of Jesus Christ by practicing the values he taught.
Your giving sustains our spiritual formation ministries:

  • Sunday school for all ages
  • Grief and bereavement group
  • Women’s book group
  • Family and youth events and retreats
  • Mindfulness meditation workshops
  • Bible and spiritual workshops
  • PTSD and crisis management workshops
  • Social justice events and forums
  • Parenting and family support groups and workshops
  • Pub theology meet-ups
  • West River minicamp for elementary-age youths
  • Kid’s night out programs
  • Morning disciple bible studies
  • Financial Peace University
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Chapel time for EUMC Preschool students
  • Confirmation classes
  • Small group studies
  • Lenten classes for all ages

    Questions about Stewardship

  • Q: What is a pledge?

    A: A pledge is a financial promise, a commitment to one another and the ministry of Emmanuel UMC. A pledge may be changed throughout the year by calling or emailing the church office.

    Q: What is a tithe?

    A: A tithe is 10% of one’s income. Many at Emmanuel strive to reach a tithe with their annual pledge by increasing their giving each year.

    Q: Is a tithe before or after taxes?

    A: Whether you calculate your 10% tithe before or after taxes, that level of giving is extremely generous and we extend heartfelt thanksgiving.

    Q: What is the average pledge?

    A: The average pledge is $ 3,480.46

    Q: How do I pay my pledge?

    A: You can contribute toward your pledge using cash, checks, automatic bank payments, stock, IRAs, or credit card payments.  For more information go to our website and click the GIVE button at

    Q: Why is my annual pledge important?

    A: Annual pledges support all aspects of Emmanuel’s mission, from our peace and justice ministries, to our children and youth programs, to having our outstanding staff. Every pledge matters and even a modest increase in your yearly personal giving is magnified dramatically when our entire community gives together.

    Q: How much should I give with an annual pledge?

    A: We ask each person to consider making a pledge that is bold yet achievable based on his or her financial situation. A tithe is 10% of one’s income and is a goal many strive for each year. The following chart can help you determine how much to commit with your annual pledge.

    Q: When should I pledge?

    A: We ask everyone to make a pledge in November for the following year so that we can plan our budget for the coming year. Of course, new pledges are welcomed throughout the year.

    Q: When do I pay my pledge?

    A: Many people fulfill their pledge monthly, quarterly, or even in one payment. However, you may fulfill your pledge in as many payments as you wish before December 31.

    Q: How can I pledge when I don’t know what I can afford during the next year?

    A: Many people who have fluctuating incomes commit a base pledge they know is achievable, and contribute over and above that pledge as their circumstances allow.  For example, many choose to contribute an extra gift just before the end of the year.

    Q: How does Emmanuel UMC spend the money we give?

    A: Emmanuel has many specific budget areas, the largest of which is staff.  Other budget areas include our apportionments to the UMC, outreach and evangelism, utilities, buildings and grounds, program support, worship and music.

    Q: Does Emmanuel live within its means?

    A: Yes, Emmanuel lives within its means, and each year we adopt a budget we believe can be funded. Your pledge made during the annual pledge campaign is critical to establish that budget, as our income projections are based primarily on pledges we receive. The Finance Committee works hard throughout the year to track our income and spending and if necessary make adjustments to the church’s budget and programming, sometimes during the program year, so we close each year in the black.