“What a Wonderful World”

Sundays, December 2 – December 30, 2018

This Advent, we want to take the time to seek out the wonders of the world and hold them in our hearts. We are, understandably, distracted by keeping track of the dangers or painful realities of the world and forget that always, always there is good and wonderful alongside them. It truly is a wonderful world.


“Reclaiming Jesus”

Sundays, January 6 – February 24, 2019

Jesus was a Jew who was born and lived in the first century in Galilee during Roman Imperialism. Would you ever think of discussing the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. except as an African – American Christian pastor living within American racism? Or Susan B. Anthony except as a white woman living within a patriarchal culture that denied women the right to vote? So it is with Jesus. In January we will explore Jesus in his own time and place in order to better understand him in our own time and place.