“Reclaiming Jesus”

Sundays, January 6 – February 24, 2019

Jesus was a Jew who was born and lived in the first century in Galilee during Roman Imperialism. Would you ever think of discussing the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. except as an African – American Christian pastor living within American racism? Or Susan B. Anthony except as a white woman living within a patriarchal culture that denied women the right to vote? So it is with Jesus. In January we will explore Jesus in his own time and place in order to better understand him in our own time and place.

Lenten Sermon Series

12 Steps: We Have To Live It

Sundays, March 3rd – April 21st

We are all in RECOVERY from something – or we need to be. For some that might be a substance addiction, for others it’s attention, perfection, social media, food – you name it.

Have you ever visited an AA or Al-Anon meeting?  You might be amazed at the depth of personal connection evident among the people there, and their openness with one another. The “Twelve Steps” are a path to knowing God.  Not the path and not a path that will work for everyone.  But they are a path—one that might lead to freedom, (even for people who do not think of themselves as addicted).  This sermon series is an exploration of that path. Each week’s sermon will track a step or two.  And I think you will see the remarkable way in which the Twelve Steps mirror the teachings of Jesus.