Jobs at Emmanuel

Job Description for Building Manager

Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Laurel, Maryland

Employment Agreement

Purpose of the Position:

The position’s primary responsibility will be managing the use of church buildings by groups and organizations and coordinating contractor/service provider access to church buildings.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Schedule visits from contractors and service providers to obtain estimates/quotes for repairs and escort contractors and service providers as estimates/quotes are created.
  2. Present estimates/quotes to Trustees and/or pastor for approval.
  3. Schedule and monitor work performed by contractors and service providers to insure that work is done as proposed in estimates/quotes.
  4. Follow-up with contractors and service providers when work is not done satisfactorily to insure that a satisfactory resolution is reached.
  5. Manage building usage to groups and organizations outside of the church, such as scheduling use of facilities, scheduling cleaning services following events, insuring completion of necessary paperwork (including Safe Sanctuary paperwork), and insuring all payments are collected and given to the church treasurer.
  6. Perform minor maintenance and repairs, such as replacing light bulbs, for church and preschool.

Position Requirements:

  • EUMC is a congregation that practices radical hospitality to all who enter our church. As a representative of our church, the building manager must be welcoming and hospitable to anyone who uses our facilities or attends events on our grounds.
  • Flexibility to be on-site during the week and on weekends as required. Hours will vary from week to week depending on what needs to be done at the time, but an estimate of 5-10 hours on average is anticipated.
  • Position will require a background check.

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