Emmanuel brings timely topics to our attention at our First Sunday Live speaker series. Bringing a wide variety of issues that face us today, these events will expand our thought, and help us learn to open our hearts, minds and doors to the things that matter to God most. Special programs for children and childcare so you can enjoy the series.

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 Alcoholism and the Family

Sunday February 3, 2019

9:00 am in the Youth Room

Alcoholism is a family illness. Those of us who have experienced it know it is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease and it must be treated as any illness would – with care, compassion, and love. Alcoholism can strike individuals regardless of age, race, gender, and social status. It has tremendous emotional, physical, mental, and financial impacts on the family.

Those who are affected by a loved one’s drinking are known as Al-Anons. The Al-Anon Family Groups estimate that for every one alcoholic, six people are directly impacted. The family disease of alcoholism is not just from the problems caused by the alcoholic’s behavior, but also from the development of responsive behaviors from Al-Anons, called “co-dependency”.

Both alcoholism and co-dependency can be harmful to family members who are being affected and may lead to unanticipated complications down the road. Bob MacDonald and Magdaline DeSousa will be sharing directly from their experiences; discussing alcoholism, co-dependency, and how to find help

Presented by Bob MacDonald & Magdaline DeSousa

Bob MacDonald is a member of Emmanuel UMC and is a member of the Praise Band. He is a recovering alcoholic – getting sober at the age of 18 – and is now blessed with 39 years of sobriety.  Bob has recently retired from the Office of National Programs of the USDA Agricultural Research Service. He is married to Peggy, with whom he is the proud parent of grown children Melanie and Ross.

Magdaline DeSousa is a member of Emmanuel UMC and is also a member of the Praise Band. She has been dealing directly with the effects of the family disease of alcoholism for nearly 20 years, having first entered Al-Anon at the age of 19 and then again at 24. She is now a recovering Al-Anon with 14 years in the Al-Anon Family Groups program. Magdaline is an author and also works full-time as a government contractor, specializing in training and development. She has a beautiful two and a half year-old daughter, Viviana, who joins us in service when she is able.