Equal Exchange Fair Trade

Something as simple as the kind of coffee we drink reflects our values. At Emmanuel we only serve Equal Exchange Fair Trade Coffee at all of our events because we believe small farmers should be paid a living wage and coffee should be grown in ways that protect the environment.
Watch Video: Equal Exchange: Who We Are and What We Believe In
Our Green Team sells Equal Exchange Fair Trade products so you can vote with your dollars by purchasing fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate and more. Simple things matter. Proceeds will benefit EUMC missions, such as green initiatives, and the Nicaragua Youth Scholarship fund.

Learn more at www.equalexchange.coop.


Taking orders NOW (by October 6) for Halloween Chocolates

https://i2.wp.com/gallery.mailchimp.com/11436229b0a9198878defcd20/images/c90e7690-4c22-4ebd-aa3b-8b1a8a91d0b7.jpg?resize=210%2C89&ssl=1This Halloween, take the opportunity to spread the word about the importance of Fair Trade chocolate and why fair trade Halloween chocolates matters. Learn more at HERE.

We are taking orders NOW for organic Milk and Dark Chocolate Minis boxes. Each box costs $35 (price increased) and contains a box of 150 Minis plus downloadable illustrated info cards that will help you share the importance of Fair Trade chocolate with kids and adults! Boxes will be available for pick-up during our Equal Exchange sales on Sunday, October 20 and October 27 during Together @ Ten.

Check out other products like chocolate chips and hot cocoa here. Let us know what you might like to try and we will order it for you.

Email Liz at eumcgreenteam@gmail.com with your order.

Please let us know how many boxes of Milk or Dark Chocolate you wish to order by Sunday, October 6 as we will be placing the order in the afternoon with pick up on Sunday, October 20 and 27.  Arrangements can be made for pickup at a later date.