Compassionate Living

Compassion – which means, literally, “to suffer with” – is the way to the truth that we are most ourselves, not when we differ from others, but when we are the same. Indeed, the main spiritual question is not, “What difference do you make?” but “What do you have in common?” It is not “excelling” but “serving” that makes us most human. It is not proving ourselves to be better than others but confessing to be just like others that is the way to healing and reconciliation.

  • July 23      – Compassionate Living: Why Compassion Takes Courage
  • July 30       Compassionate Living: Our Shared Humanity
  • August 6   – Compassionate Living: Everything I Have Ever Let Go of, Has                           Claw Marks on It
  • August 13 – Compassionate Living: Stop Armoring Your Heart
  • August 20 – Compassionate Living:  Life Is Both Glorious and Wretched
  • August 27 – Compassionate Living: Being Alive Means Continually Being                             Thrown Out of the Nest
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