It’s not easy trying to figure out what our kids need this fall without the school giving us a checklist. So, imagine what this is like for a family, desperately trying to make ends meet, come up with the cash necessary to buy school supplies. And what if they have five kids…and other pressing payments to make? Yikes!

EUMC’s BOGO Campaign “Buy One – Give One” efforts to fill the gap. All you have to do is pick up a few inexpensive items while you shop for your kids school supplies in the coming weeks.

If you go to Target (not a shameless plug), you’ll find composition books for 50 cents, packs of pens and pencils for a buck, same for rulers, protractors, folders, packs of paper, mini notebooks, erasers and more. Backpacks are budget priced, too! Once the madness ramps up, Staples, Walmart, Five Below, and Costco will join in on the deals…if they haven’t already!

Spend $10 for a froo-froo latte and a lemon scone, and they’ll both be gone in five minutes. That same $10 will give a kid a cool new backpack filled with groovy school supplies, so there’s no need to borrow a pencil or a pen or a piece of paper (remember when *you* were the one doing the asking?). A great way to start the year, yes? And you’ll feel a lot better than that latte and scone will ever promise. We promise!